OUR MOTTO: “Meeting the Needs of Our Clients Timely”
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Our Culture

At Lawfront Advocates; we take a long term approach to the clients needs.  Our local and regional clients appreciate our natural understanding of their industry and their requirements.  International clients come to us for our knowledge and practical experience of the ins and outs of establishing and doing business in the region.

We pride our selves on our ability to provide quick and practical advice at all levels in our areas of specialization. This distinctive approach helps us to work efficiently with clients and to identify where we can add value to their business.

Our lawyers have a thorough understanding of both the business and legal aspects of running an enterprise. Our people are more than just technical experts in their field.  Our team has a strong drive for good commercial sense and takes a multi-faceted approach in solving problems.

Our priority is always our clients.  Over the years that our lawyers have practiced, we have established contacts and work with nearly all big companies and organizations in Tanzania both in private and public sector. It is with such a commitment that we bring commercial awareness and legal focus to our service.

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