General Litigation & Criminal Prosecution

General Litigation & Criminal Prosecution


Our firm has vast experience in mining industry and we are excellent in helping foreign companies to establish corporate presence in Tanzania, conducting mineral rights due diligences, advising in the negotiation of joint venture, miming licence/permit, and arrangement of goodwill and renewal of mining licence.

With the current development in oil & gas industry, Africa and East Africa has become the most exciting markets for International and Local energy companies. With this, various laws, procedures and regulations have been formed to regulate this industry for smooth operations.

Through consultancy, client counseling and training programmes for managerial and supervisory personnel on employment law issues, our counsel focus on anticipating and preventing labour relations problems, and assisting clients in resolving the problems before they result in litigation and defend them before CMA and Labour Court if the dispute result into litigation. In the increasingly complex field of Labour laws, our focus is on the employers’ right to manage work places effectively while observing the employees’ right to favorable working environment. In order to maximize our efficiency in serving our clients we have on board other four long experienced consultants in legal and Human Resources issues and in some assignments we use to work in Association with Ideal Law chambers of Arusha. All this is to make sure that we meet the needs of our clients beyond their expectations.

Lawfront Advocates assist its clients in compliance and also assist our clients in drilling contracts negotiation, production sharing negotiations, leasing contracts, mergers and acquisition. Lawfront Advocates also assist its clients to comply with environmental laws for smooth operation