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    At Law front Advocates; we take a long-term approach to the clients needs. Our local and regional clients appreciate our natural understanding of their industry and their requirements. International clients come to us for our knowledge and practical experience of the ins and outs of establishing and doing business in the region.

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Firm Overview

Law front Advocates is a law firm carrying its Private Legal Practice in Tanzania and provides a range of legal services to clients. We have solid understanding,extensive and excellent experience in Employment, labour Relations laws & Immigration law, Tax laws, corporate law and Commercial Transactions, Real Estate & Conveyance, Mining, Energy & Gas and Environment, Project & Project Finance, International Trade, General Commercial Arbitration , Civil ,Commercial and Criminal Litigation.

Why hire Law Front Advocates?


The law has many different specialties and sub-specialties, we are specialized in all our practice areas and will equip clients with team members who are best suited to address and resolve their problems.


The appropriate level of experience is one of the most critical criteria in selecting a lawyer. Our lawyers have a long track record of success with legal woes. Such a record of experience increases the likelihood of our attorneys helping to resolve clients’ problems successfully.


"Professionalism" is more than personality. It involves certain objective actions and behaviors that distinguish the best attorneys from those who are merely competent.

Meet our team

Lawfront Advocates is a partnership of four young advocates, two legal officers and two supporing staff founded in March, 2011.

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Our Practice Areas

  • Employment agreements and policies
  • General employment advice
  • Health and safety legislation advice
  • Litigation and private dispute resolution
  • Organisational restructuring
  • Pension fund law
  • Public law employment related issues
  • Workplace employment discrimination issues
  • Capital markets
  • Insolvency financing
  • Debt financing
  • Residential, mixed use and commercial developments
  • Financial restructurings
  • Regulatory capital, liquidity and leverage requirements
  • Lender liability
  • Banking advisory
  • Commercial disputes
  • Family Disputes
  • Anti-Trust Disputes
  • Trademark & patent disputes
  • Insolvency Litigation
  • Investor/Shareholder dispute
  • Royalty and mineral lease agreements
  • Exploration agreements
  • Drilling and coring agreements
  • Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Involvement in legislative processes
  • Obtaining permits, liaising with authorities, representation & advisory
  • Investment protection (M&A and due diligence
  • Buying & selling businesses; mergers & acquisitions
  • Capital Investments
  • Due Diligence
  • Shareholder issues
  • Transfer of Shares and General Minutes
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Reclassification of Share Capital
  • Reconstruction of Company Registers
  • Checking the ‘title’ at Land Registry
  • Transactional Property Law
  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Mortgage Warehouse Financing Workouts
  • Construction law
  • Lease agreement drafting & ammendment
  • Residential, mixed use and commercial developments
  • Advising on aquistions & sales

Whenever a large project is conceived, built and operated, legal advice is key. Here is a brief list on the types of projects we have advised on

  • Energy Pipelines (Upstream/Midstream/Downstream)
  • Educational Institutions

The relationship between lawyer and client
is the key to success